Decor By White Garden

Sustainable, sensible, and so damn beautiful.

We are devoted to realising the diverse beauty of traditions — whether they be ours, or yours. Each event basks in its own wonder, and we aim to enhance it in its experience — its most truthful form, where it is memorable beyond the bounds of time. We come from a place of wishing to do good — to share, to encounter, to commemorate and to simply be — for us, you, and in whatever capacity we can, for the planet.

For us, memories have never played the role of what we left behind, but what is meant for the future to celebrate. ‘Fleeting’ is unfit to describe a moment in time and so, honouring them in an experience bound by simplicity and respect holds utmost value. At 'Decor by White Garden', whether the memory be of a turning point or a happier-than-usual day, we wish to give it the remembrance it deserves — that you deserve.